Everything Tastes Better in New Orleans

To whoever I spoke to before my trip to New Orleans and said to eat everything out there- YOU WAS RIGHT! I kept hearing nothing but good things about the food in NOLA so I made sure to prepare for my trip. I stayed in the gym and ate healthy so I can binge on beignets and red beans and rice for my entire trip. This post is going to highlight some of the restaurants I’ve visited and the delicious food I got to try on my trip.



On our very first night, we ate at Luke, located in the Hilton Hotel towards the Central Business District. It is a French & German Creole restaurant and walking into the restaurant it had a simple, yet elegant Southern feel to it. The menu is small, but there is still a variety of things to choose from. I ordered the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and the Crab and Corn Bisque. The bisque (pictured below) is a cream based soup, which filled me up pretty quickly. I had the 6 oz size and thought it was just the perfect portion. Once I was done with my soup, the shrimp cocktail came out and I noticed the shells were still on them. I didn’t mind that it was served that way, but I wish my waiter would have told me in advanced so I can mentally prepare myself to get my hands dirty. Besides that, the shrimp had a cajun seasoning that had a spicy kick to it and even though my order only came to 6, it turned out to be more than enough for me.




Brunch at Broussard’s 

As native New Yorkers, it was only right that we brunch on a Sunday… even in NOLA! From the outside, Broussard’s looks like your typical fancy-schmancy, pinkies up, pay-ninety-dollars-for-a-teeny-tiny-plate-of-nothing restaurant. Boy. I couldn’t be any more wrong. Okay, so the place is still “fancy-schmancy” in the indoor dining area. But they have a courtyard that’s pretty open so you’re not sitting on top of everyone, with a nice little fountain, cobblestone floor and a live jazz band playing any song you’d like. Brunch was $12 bottomless mimosa or rosé with a purchase of any entrée. SOLD. For $12, they sure didn’t hesitate to fill our glasses to the top with liquor. Okay, now the food, was totally worth it! My boyfriend had the steak and eggs with potatoes, which was all cooked perfectly. The steak cut like soft butter, yum! I ordered the chicken and waffles and with my first bite, I never thought something so simple could send my taste buds into a frenzy. It was honestly the best chicken and waffle, topped with pecans, I’ve ever had. I would definitely say this place is a MUST for anyone wanting to brunch in NOLA. The ambiance, the service, the food, the liquor… Perfect tens across the board.




Beignets at Café DuMonde

Now, what kind of tourist would I be if I didn’t stop by the world famous Café Du Monde? Obviously, one thing that NOLA is known for are the beignets and when you think of beignets, you think of Café Du Monde. This probably isn’t a place where you would find locals, but it is always packed! Once you sit down, a waiter will come over and take your order of beignets. It’s usually 3 per order and is perfect with a cup of coffee. The beignets are big square pieces of freshly fried dough covered with powdered sugar. They are warm when they are served to you and just melts in your mouth. There are also beignet mixes that you can make at home. For 2 orders of beignets, a coffee and 3 boxes of beignet mix, it all came to about $15.



The Ruby Slipper Café

If you’re looking for a quick, hearty breakfast, the Ruby Slipper Café is the place to go. We constantly passed this place on Canal Street, (it was just 2 blocks away from our AirBnb) and it was always packed. On the morning before our swamp tour, we decided to have breakfast here. We were seated at a family-style table, where our waitress was completely honest about what she disliked on the menu. Both of our breakfast dishes were similar – I had the Chicken St. Charles, while he enjoyed the Eggs Cochon. The Chicken St. Charles was 2 buttermilk biscuits, topped with a fried chicken breast, 2 poached eggs and a cream sauce. The Eggs Cochon was also 2 buttermilk biscuits, topped with slow-cooked pork, 2 poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Both dishes were cooked to perfection and was definitely the breakfast I needed to start our adventure day.

Chicken St. Charles
Eggs Cochon


Wow. Writing this post really made me miss all this food! Even though I ate at more restaurants, these were my top picks from NOLA. I would definitely visit again and tell anyone that wants to go to eat EVERYTHING!

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